Went to sit and think,
head spinning thoughts run like water in the sink.
And I think some words might save me
from this funk I’m in.
And they spin down the drain.
See how far they take me away,
what the fuck are you looking at
anyway, cheers for the freebie, made my day;
Just one more I guess.


The Long Night


I watched the lungs of the earth collapse in a sickening wheeze,
And the uninspired mad men ranting at the moon, no place to go,
And the homes were all burned to the ground, swallowed by the flames of our disinterest,
And we danced under the stars and ate little bits of paper; then saw the truth went mad crazy fucked up ecstatic; confused for a few days, weeks, months; never the same again.
We spent endless long nights with extra-terrestrial vibrations pounding through our brains, crawling under our skin,
And we were just a drop in the ocean, or the night sky, but that’s all we knew.

And I saw them all fight themselves, tearing their hearts and minds apart, giving up enthusiasm, optimism; ground down by the tide of apathy.
The trees that once stood tall now old, dying, breaking apart; but did they ever really stand tall, maybe I just think that way.
However I digress, and must confess we were tired and lonely all along, distracting ourselves in the void, dancing in the void and looking at the moon and the stars, thinking there must be something else, the ultimate truth duality unity God.
What did we find anyway; soaked to the skin, alone, cold, tired, cut up fucked up confused,
I forgot who I was, but now that’s gone and I’m just me again,
And the story with no plot keeps rolling on,
And the wind howls outside.


I ride through the dreary night tired and sober, past the people stumbling around, laughing at themselves,
And the wind slices through my jacket.
I pass a man sitting in the damp gutter, sipping elegantly from a long brown paper bag, quietly smoking; a buddha,
And he watched me with curious eyes of a poet, knowing eyes of a saint,
And the people in the street look down on him.

We spent a night calling down the moon, screaming at the stars, reading our poems in smoky cars,
And we walked around while people slept,
And we finally talked and felt estranged.
A quiet fire is melting my mind, somewhere in the distance.
Then sunk too many beers and lungs filled up with smoke and we lost our minds in the haze.
Heard the strange music of a voice in the other room, there was nobody there.
And we can’t keep walking here,
I think we’re lost again. Go to sleep.

The whole world cries out in pain for something more,
And we can’t seem to find it, any more
The grass is turning black now,
And the rains have dried up
What did they do to you, to end up like this,
strung out, defaced,
You weren’t born this way.
And can I help at all, please tell me, without getting hurt.
Is there any turning back now.



And this running around is wearing me down,
in endless circles, the trees are falling now.
Quiet whisper, as the feeling creeps in.
I should probably go now,
theres nothing left to chase,
enlighten me

Take a deep breath, breath out again, and again
getting a bit heavy standing,
and I have to wake up again tomorrow, fuck
And everybody wants something,
but nobody knows what, I guess
so drink up son

So we sit around breaking rocks for some reason,
and we chat and chat,
yak yak yak,
and never really say a thing.
I mean, what could we say anyway,
enlighten me