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High tensile, strung between window sill, wall, and gutter
how did you make that, clever invention
Adapt to our building, become part of it
making the most of what you have
you sit there, jet black silhouette, ‘gainst the grey sky
legs spread, waiting, watching the world go by
what do you think, of all this we’ve made
do you think anything of it, sitting in the shade
it must seem vaguely strange though
your deeper instincts must know…..



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moonlight shines through slender trunks,

what lies beyond

that creeping feeling,

permeating through

seemingly everything,

cold breeze blows, cuts through skin

tall trees sway, and move in the wind

should feel scared now

cant be scared now, I’m alive now

the chill keeps me going, wakes me up

then comes the roar,

from within, deep down inside

teeth shudder as reality slips,

through the fingers,

out of hand

out of body

out of mind

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cycle lost

sunrise through haze, eerily light up the skyline,

another day come, another night gone, and the cycle repeats,

time and time again

our endless cycle;

in our place made by us,

when the last tree is gone, air is thick and

heavy on the lungs,

walking down the street like wading through thick snow, struggling;

vehicles fly by in every direction



no peace for the dreamer, the thinker, the walker, the quiet one.

missing something, where did we go wrong,

missing connection to ourselves,

missing peace of mind,

just cant find


 in response to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/writing-challenge-time-machine/

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clambering up the icy slope, out in the open,

we need to hope:

hope we reach the summit,

some day, any way.

wind gusts hard, threatens to blow us off,

but we battle on, towards thee top,

where does it end, we don’t know,

those who get there, to heaven go,

forever in the clouds, pages they turn,

those that fall off, some say that they burn,

is it really the end, or a point of no return.

It doesn’t matter for we will keep going;

and for the sky we yearn…

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Your face lights up when you talk,

so many experiences lived, emotions felt,

sometimes I see that twinkle in your eye,

that brief flicker of movement, semi controlled.

I connect with it, knowing that it cant directly connect with the eye of mine,

but somehow you know I’m engaged, listening close.

Words of wisdom and experience, a life seemingly spent in thought;

what else can occupy the mind without vision.

I never knew about your spirituality, you never directly told me,

it must have been profound.

You talked of a love of science, without coldness but wonder,

wonder at the natural world you connected with through touch and sound,

you seemed to know something about the world that others didn’t,

somehow engaged but unattached;

knowing the value of money and hard work whilst maintaining a non materialistic philosophy,

If I had one goal in life it would be to live in the head space I saw you enjoy in your last years,

I know in my heart you saw the world like know one else I have met,

you saw deep into the true nature of things, past conventional reality, deep into your mind.