distant night

Memory fading away
blurred by time
maybe I wanted to forget
a teardrop in the rain
a dunken night
one of many
hungover again today
did I learn anything

Never talk that much
about it
or what it felt like
every meaning fading away
and I cant bring myself
to tell you
need to move on
stuck in this distant night


Wild as your Dreams

You’ve got it all, won the game
shiny little inner city apartment
no larger than your imagination
as wild as your dreams,
and your wild nights out
at the same bars with the same people
and the same overpriced craft beer bullshit
going out just for the thrill
that you might see a girl pissing accross the footpath.

Tricked into thinkin this is success, thinking alternative is a haircut
you made it well done good job
and keep climbing that social ladder
see where it takes you, the land of meaningless lattes,
and see that bum on the street
look down on him, judge
he’ll just spend that hat full of coins on drugs
keep drinking that botique beer son.

And keep an eye on anyone who strays from your path
the losers dropouts druggos
they’re not like you, they’re all messed up
Just stay normal.


Thinking Straight

Far away from all the shit
but in it just the same
Went down the road a sunny day
and came back in the rain
Seeing double thinking straight
guess it’s quite a shame
I dont know what to say
these rhyming words are strained
But its ok the world’s still here
and nothing else has changed
It’s just my mind flying off
on its own way
You’re still there on your own
drinking life away
I guess I’m useless sitting here
thinking of your pain