Yesterday, the wind did call
In the fair
Through the wall

Stirring waking, through the shawl
Without a care
The wind did call

In the night, the pen did scrawl
The voice of air
Through the wall

Daylight broke, the soldiers fall
Without a prayer
The wind did call

Night returns, light is small
Through the wall

Quiet down, slow to stall
Going nowhere;
The wind did call
Through the wall


tidal sands

Far from the hand,

a hawk did land,

to drop the eggs

of stone and sand,

a time of dreaming

one world, one man.


Then time went by

and the gold they panned,

they raped and pillaged

stole from our land,

stole from us

and bit the hand.


But the eggs still lay

on dry sand,

can’t lift away

the hope of the man.


warm shade

background traffic
rumbles through,
quiet dew;

pitter patter
trickle water,
through the hands
of natures daughter,
trees reach height
with bony fingers,
air feels light
quietly lingers;

people pass by
trickle through,
shades of warmth
soft as dew.


I am the one

I am the one who slips through
fingers of hopes, dreams
Do you know me?
it seems;
we met before
on the floor
of that house,
out in the desert
away from the shore,
when you were alone
it seems;
when I last saw you
I saw you there
mumbling to you,
how do you do
old friend you say,
gone is the day
of what seems to be dreams,
What, Still don’t know me?
I am the one who see’s you
too many times through,
from the outside;
too many times
from the inside.