through the cracks

your light it burns so bright
in the corner packed so tight
with dusty nick knacks and treasured things
and all the stuff that time will bring
your light slips through my curtain
past the window sill
it carries through the darkness
waves of hope and will
gentle light so warm and blue
only thing, forever true
you picked me up in the night
in times I froze; sombre fright



Child, Mother, Father
Sit around the table
Small, distraught
No anger now
They wonder why
Wonder where it went wrong
Why did he take it
Steal himself from us
How could he leave us this way

I awake
Staring at the roof
Autum leaves fall softly
Breeeze picks up
Carries them
They stray
Far away
Why did I leave them this way



a time there was a man
he saw life through one lens
with gold won with the pan
and a mind he could not clense

this man he walks around
in only his two shoes
until one day he found
theres nothing left to loose

for now the shoe’s on the other foot
the truth he did finally see
looking through the lens of others
how happy he could be