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clambering up the icy slope, out in the open,

we need to hope:

hope we reach the summit,

some day, any way.

wind gusts hard, threatens to blow us off,

but we battle on, towards thee top,

where does it end, we don’t know,

those who get there, to heaven go,

forever in the clouds, pages they turn,

those that fall off, some say that they burn,

is it really the end, or a point of no return.

It doesn’t matter for we will keep going;

and for the sky we yearn…

poetry, spirituality, Uncategorized


pounding heart, cold sweat

legs limp, head not feeling too


but little time left

darkness closes over,

peaked over the edge and saw


there is no light on the other side just

fade too

blackness, now but too soon,

what stopped me from fading to black,

what brought me back,

a brief idea, clear in time, a spark in the back of my head

almost stopped ticking now kicking legs straighten,

body numb now, cold sweat heart still,




but at least pumping.