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moonlight shines through slender trunks,

what lies beyond

that creeping feeling,

permeating through

seemingly everything,

cold breeze blows, cuts through skin

tall trees sway, and move in the wind

should feel scared now

cant be scared now, I’m alive now

the chill keeps me going, wakes me up

then comes the roar,

from within, deep down inside

teeth shudder as reality slips,

through the fingers,

out of hand

out of body

out of mind



New life sprouts from your singed skin, you

look as though you might fall any moment, or live for a thousand years.

while others stand tall and straight in line,

reaching for the sky, you twist and turn


where will you branch out too next, where will you go

one cant know.

at least you are you, at least you are new,

I see you there delineated as me, the twisted tree;

firmly planted but forever free…