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cycle lost

sunrise through haze, eerily light up the skyline,

another day come, another night gone, and the cycle repeats,

time and time again

our endless cycle;

in our place made by us,

when the last tree is gone, air is thick and

heavy on the lungs,

walking down the street like wading through thick snow, struggling;

vehicles fly by in every direction



no peace for the dreamer, the thinker, the walker, the quiet one.

missing something, where did we go wrong,

missing connection to ourselves,

missing peace of mind,

just cant find


 in response to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/writing-challenge-time-machine/


7 thoughts on “cycle lost

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  3. CC Champagne says:

    I really enjoyed this, although it’s quite a frightening future… Also think the layout of the poem is great! Happy NaPoWriMo!

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