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Your face lights up when you talk,

so many experiences lived, emotions felt,

sometimes I see that twinkle in your eye,

that brief flicker of movement, semi controlled.

I connect with it, knowing that it cant directly connect with the eye of mine,

but somehow you know I’m engaged, listening close.

Words of wisdom and experience, a life seemingly spent in thought;

what else can occupy the mind without vision.

I never knew about your spirituality, you never directly told me,

it must have been profound.

You talked of a love of science, without coldness but wonder,

wonder at the natural world you connected with through touch and sound,

you seemed to know something about the world that others didn’t,

somehow engaged but unattached;

knowing the value of money and hard work whilst maintaining a non materialistic philosophy,

If I had one goal in life it would be to live in the head space I saw you enjoy in your last years,

I know in my heart you saw the world like know one else I have met,

you saw deep into the true nature of things, past conventional reality, deep into your mind.



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